image of iphone and screen
How to make an iPad style popover for iPhone, using Xcode7 and Swift


I’m going to show you how to create a popover for iPhone. I have created a simple xcode single view project here. This is the storyboard. I am just adjusting the mode to compact any for iPhone and I am going to now embed the initial view controller in a navigation controller. Adjust the position of the screens. Now I’m going to drag out a bar button item, place it in the navigation controller nav bar so we can launch the popover from this button.

image of iphone and screen
xCode7 storyboard splash screen with custom delay


Today I’m going show you how to create a splash screen with a custom time delay in xcode, using Swift and storyboards. I have created a simple demo app here. If I go to the main storyboard you can see it’s just got two screens embedded in a nav controller. If I look at the launch screen storyboard, I’ve just got a simple splash screen here. Now if I run the app as it is, it’s very hard to see the splash screen. Because there’s no big data being loaded up, the splash screen only displays for a very short while. This is the problem we’re trying to solve here – to have a splash screen that displays as long as we want it to, not just for as long as it takes for the data and objects to load up.

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