Guest Feedback App – Case Study

Feed It Back logo

Navtech Software was commissioned by Feed It Back to build the mobile app component of their guest feedback system which uniquely combines EPOS data in real-time with a short, engaging guest survey, tailored to the guests’ actual visit.

The mobile app has proved popular with several clients including SA Brain (Wales’ biggest brewer and hospitality company) whose wifi limitations presented a challenge in gathering real-time feedback in-house. Since the launch of the native android app in November 2014, Brains experienced a 2,000% increase in feedback volume with 94% of feedback completed before the guest leaves. The app boasts social and fun elements meaning guests can applaud a staff member, upload a photo from their visit and sign up to the venue’s mailing list.

Navtech Software  continues to work with Feed It Back to embed new features and functionality and supports a variety of Android devices including the Samsung Tab 2, Tab 4, Tab A and the Kindle Fire.

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